We have begun the search for a theme!

This year, the Oahu DVAM planning committee has teamed up with neighbor island DV task forces to come up with a unified, state-wide theme for Domestic Violence Awareness Month!  Theme suggestions were emailed to us and a Survey Monkey Survey has been created for various DVAM committees to vote on the theme they find most appealing.

Participating members have until August 14th to vote – a theme will be chosen on Monday August 15th.

The following themes were available to choose from:

“Domestic Violence IS our Business”

“Make Domestic Violence Your Business”

“We are Society-Make Domestic violence Your Business”

“Best practices in Community Based Response to DV:  Intergenerational and Cross Cultural Perspectives.”

“STOP the Pain: Legacy for our Future Leaders.”

“ONE Community, ONE Culture, One Life.”

“Injury and Violence is 100% Preventable:  It’s everybody’s KULEANA!”

“Injury and Violence Across the Lifespan.”

“Who can? You Can. Stop Domestic Violence”

Other: explain

To our community: which theme would you find most engaging?

“Who can? You can” is a slogan from a Kauai campaign targeting bystanders, for more information visit their website by clicking here!


About dvamhawaii

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is in October. Here you can find news, articles, stats, updates on DVAM events in your area, and more!

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