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The Dao of Donuts: Defining Our Worth as Women offers readers insight, inspiration, and spiritual sustenance. It covers such subjects as: A celebration of roundness, especially in women; the healing of an unborn child; how to get out of an abusive relationship; dreams that serve as guidance; leaving a family religion without leaving the family; and finding serious answers in simple ways.

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Andrus-Price believes that women are the architects of society. “In too many cultures, men are taught their worth and women are taught their place. It is our responsibility as women to know our worth, so the generations that come through us will know our worth. When I imagine a society where men and women are equally valued, I get so excited!” It was with this inspiration that Maile Andrus-Price wrote The Dao of Donuts: Defining Our Worth as Women. And why readers are saying: “This can be an easy fast read, or a heart wrenching time for reflection.” And, “Written for women, Good for all of us!”

I take issue with the notion that it’s up to women to prove ourselves.. to ourselves and to everyone else.  It’s “our” responsibility to know our worth.  Of course women should know their worth, but without men on board this is going to be slow-moving progress.  How do women find worth in a society that doesn’t acknowledge it? That’s quite a cross to bear. Shouldn’t it be everyone’s responsibility?

I haven’t read this yet, and I would love for feedback from anyone who has!



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