Rising Poverty in Pictures

Check out these graphs which can also be found here: Rising Poverty in Pictures | National Women’s Law Center. You can also find a link to the report from that site. As for this graph…

First, notice how white men have a lower poverty rate than any women and white women suffer less than women of color; that is not a surprise to anyone who 1. knows how white supremacist heteropatriarchy functions on a systemic level and reinforces the capitalistic tenant of unequal distribution of resources: that some have more than others (the “haves” vs. “have nots”) in favor of white people, or 2. has been paying attention to life around them. A graph that includes men, women, and trans people as well as race/ethnicity would be very interesting.  This kind of information is important when keeping in mind the ways in which economic abuse is used as a tactic of domestic violence.

Then there’s this graph which is pretty straight forward as well:


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Domestic Violence Awareness Month is in October. Here you can find news, articles, stats, updates on DVAM events in your area, and more!

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  1. Thanks for these… Always so impactful, and more depressing, when you can see it…

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