Most Wanted Domestic Violence List – batterer accountability?

Now here’s an interesting concept – A “most wanted” list for batterers. 3 Most Wanted domestic violence suspects arrested – San Jose Mercury News; Excerpt:

Police arrested two men and another man surrendered to authorities after they were featured in the county’s Most Wanted domestic violence list in October.


Also on Monday, 36-year-old Andy Acosta turned himself at the County Court clerk’s office after seeing his picture in the Sunday paper. He was released with a new court date, Carney said

I wonder what makes some offenders more wanted than others.  What qualifies someone to be placed on a “most wanted” list… shouldn’t it be all of them?

What an interesting concept though.  I remember reading one story about a group of feminist activists in Japan some years ago who would go to the work places of known dv perpetrators wearing roller skates, pink helmets, wielding bullhorns and publicly shame them.  While there are obvious safety concerns with that, this idea of bringing these people into the light (through intense public shaming or simply a most wanted list) is very interesting.  What do you think?  Would this be an effective way of holding dv offenders accountable?


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