Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2012

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM).  Nationwide domestic violence service providers, survivors and concerned citizens sponsor a variety of events to bring attention to the serious issue of domestic violence. 

Here in Hawaii domestic violence service providers and community members are putting together events throughout the state to bring attention to the issue and share information on safety and resources.  Many events are organized by DVAM committees throughout the state which are comprised of individuals from domestic violence agencies and/or concerned citizens.  In addition to planning events, the Hawai`i State Coalition Against Domestic Violence compiles a statewide calendar of events that is distributed widely to the public. 

Domestic violence has long been considered a private matter, but all people are affected by violence against women.  This year we have chosen the statewide theme of “No More, Know More: Make It Your Business To Stop Domestic Violence”.  Interpersonal and family violence impact every aspect of our lives, including the workplace.  The consequences could adversely affect productivity and safety for both the employee/victims and the organization.  Countless victims of domestic violence have cited their employer as a key resource when seeking safety and resources.  With the enactment of Act 206 starting this year, State law now prohibits employment discrimination against victims of domestic or sexual violence, and added a requirement that employers make reasonable accommodations for employees who are victims of such violence. 


About dvamhawaii

Domestic Violence Awareness Month is in October. Here you can find news, articles, stats, updates on DVAM events in your area, and more!

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