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How would you grade the Obama administration on Women’s Issues?

Allison Gaudet Yarrow: Presidential Report Card: How Much Has Obama Really Done For Women?.Excerpt:

“The 19th Amendment tore down the last formal barrier to women’s enfranchisement in our Nation and empowered America’s women to have their own voices heard in the halls of power,” he proclaimed in a White House press release.

The administration was wise to honor that crucial moment as Obama steps toward reelection. But just how friendly to women has our 44th president been?

Reproductive Rights: Perhaps the lack of women in office led to compromises for women in Obama’s historical, largely contested health care reform. The public option and the Pitts-Stupak amendment blocking federal dollars to fund abortion were early concessions, and it was unclear whether universal health care would include measures for birth control. However, women breathed a collective sigh of relief recently when Obama proposed a mandate that insurance companies must universally cover contraception for women, and that birth control will not require a copay. Though this will not take affect until 2013, it is an important statement from the White House recognizing women’s ability to control their own wombs, and that bodes well for the possible expansion or at least the protection of reproductive freedoms in the future. Insurance plans did not always cover birth control, but now, women are guaranteed that their plans will. Obama has also spoken out and directed money to education and resources to curb domestic violence, and he signed into law the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act.

but what are your thoughts?  What letter grade would you give the Obama administration on Women’s Rights?

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