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Have you heard of The Girl Effect ?

Nike Foundation: The Girl Effect – Clock is Ticking – YouTube

Some things that come to my mind are: 1. this is GREAT! 2. it seems to imply that only impoverished young women are at risk – obviously living in poverty increases barriers and lessens opportunities to thrive in a healthy way, however going to school doesn’t keep you “safe” per se, and that could be a dangerous myth to perpetuate. 3. I wonder if the Nike Foundation can get Nike/other multinational corporations to stop using questionable (abominable?) cheap labor practices which aid the very thing this PSA wants to address:

No company is paying or treating their workers better than another. This is because in an Asian factory you will see the rival brands rolling off parallel conveyor belts in the same factory. I have chosen to concentrate on Nike instead of other brands because Nike is the leader in its industry, not only in terms of market share, but in design, comfort, and advertising. Where Nike goes, other companies tend to follow.


Most of the shoe workers in Asia are teenagers and unmarried young women from ages 17 to 30. The average worker produces 4.3 pairs of shoes a day (Brookes and Madden, Internet.), and only gets the minimum wage of $2.50 a day in Indonesia. The daily livable wage in Indonesia is between $4.00 to 4.50, (Tanaka, “Protesters lace Nike labor practices.”) yet Nike still pays minimum wage to the workers who make the shoes that sell for over $100. Certain conditions in Vietnam are even worse. Workers only make an average of 20 cents per hour, or $1.60 a day, when the cost of eating three simple meals is $2.10 (Nguyen, e-mail) plus other expenses such as shelter.

feeling nuanced as always.  What do you think?

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