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We have begun the search for a theme!

This year, the Oahu DVAM planning committee has teamed up with neighbor island DV task forces to come up with a unified, state-wide theme for Domestic Violence Awareness Month!  Theme suggestions were emailed to us and a Survey Monkey Survey has been created for various DVAM committees to vote on the theme they find most appealing.

Participating members have until August 14th to vote – a theme will be chosen on Monday August 15th.

The following themes were available to choose from:

“Domestic Violence IS our Business”

“Make Domestic Violence Your Business”

“We are Society-Make Domestic violence Your Business”

“Best practices in Community Based Response to DV:  Intergenerational and Cross Cultural Perspectives.”

“STOP the Pain: Legacy for our Future Leaders.”

“ONE Community, ONE Culture, One Life.”

“Injury and Violence is 100% Preventable:  It’s everybody’s KULEANA!”

“Injury and Violence Across the Lifespan.”

“Who can? You Can. Stop Domestic Violence”

Other: explain

To our community: which theme would you find most engaging?

“Who can? You can” is a slogan from a Kauai campaign targeting bystanders, for more information visit their website by clicking here!

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